Master degree

Degree Academic Programme Plan Class Length of Programme
LL.M. Laws A1, A2, B Sat-Sun 2 Years

The Master of Laws program aims to produce graduates with in-depth legal knowledge, legal research skills and ethics in legal profession and research.

1. Having knowledge and understanding of the principles, theories and foundations of Thai and foreign laws, as well as appropriate law enforcement procedures according to each circumstance

2. Having skills in analysing and synthesising legal provisions and identifying legal issues as well as suggesting solutions of any arising problem

3. Having skills in studying and doing area-based research in law in accordance with research methodology

4. Having skills in writing and presenting an academic work

5. Recognising and complying with the ethics of the legal profession and research

Being able to conduct an area-based research in law

1. Officials in judicial process, such as police, public prosecutor, judge, and judge of the Administrative Court

2. Administrative case officers

3. Legal officers in government agencies or private sectors

4. Lawyers or legal advisors

5. Lecturers and scholars / Researchers in Law and Social Sciences

6. Other professions

PLO1: Being able to analyse and synthesise the provisions of the law

PLO2: Being able to compare Thai law with foreign law

PLO3: Being able to study and conduct area-based research in law in accordance with research methodology

PLO4: Being able to propose guideline for legal development to be more effective.

PLO5: Being able to use technology in studying and conducting legal research

PLO6: Being able to write and present an academic work.

PLO7: Complying with the ethics of the legal profession and research        

PLO8: Being able to work with others

  • Plan A1, A2, B:
    • 45,500 Baht per semester
    • 182,000 Baht per programme 

(Refer to Master of Laws Program Year 2022)

  • A1 = Thesis (not less than 36 credits), no course work
  • A2 = Thesis (not less than 12 credits) with course work (not less than 12 credits)
  • B = Coursework (No Thesis) with Independent Study (IS) or Special Project (not less than 3 credits but not over 6 credits)