Bachelor's degree

This programme, emphasising the principle of ‘learning laws with the rule of law’, aims at creating graduates well-rounded in jurisprudence and with an in-depth understanding of the rule of law.  In response to the constant demand of legal professionals in both the public and private sectors, the graduates are expected to provide legal services in a competent manner and in compliance with the legal procedure.

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

  1. In-depth knowledge and understanding of jurisprudential principles and theories;
  2. Ability to apply bodies of jurisprudential knowledge to related sciences;
  3. Skills in analysing legal matters in relation to current social changes;
  4. Sufficient and comprehensive knowledge of jurisprudential foundations and the ability to apply the laws in accord with the legal procedure;
  5. Ability to competently perform basic legal tasks, whether in the form of counselling or preparing legal documents;
  6. Knowledge of, and the ability to exercise, laws related to border trade;
  7. Adherence to the ethics of the legal profession;
  8. Skills in prudently using technology, and the ability to communicate effectively in their capacities; and
  9. Ability to work with other people.

                                                    • 32,500 Baht per semester
                                                    • 260,000 Baht per programme