Introduction to School of Law

     The School of Law was established to support the needs for legal education in our country, and intends to produce quality graduates with theoretical knowledge and skills in applying it to their future occupations. Moreover, our students will be taught to abide by professional ethics, justice, and morality and to always maintain a sense of social responsibility. The School of Law offers courses designed by qualified lawyers and encourages academic activities on a regular basis in order to develop and expand the students’ knowledge. 

     Apart from our academic mission, the School has other primary missions, such as research, academic services, and art and cultural preservations for which we conduct many activities, and legal services for society, community, local government and private organizations. In addition, the School conducts local research programs to create new knowledge and transfer it to the local community.

     The School of Law currently offers one bachelor’s degree program-Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). This program primarily aims to develop graduates to be proficient in Laws and have knowledge, morality, and social responsibility to pursue occupations in legal fields. To fulfill such aims, the School offers instruction by a faculty of qualified teachers and professors of law through a nationally recognized program and supplementary academic activities for the students.

     In 2018, the School by all the lecturers established the Research Unit on Border Area Laws and Development (ReBALD). This research unit is dedicated to fostering research in legal issues concerning society, economy and environment in border areas. Its members engage collaboratively and individually in a variety of work in order to produce academic works that can lead to law and policy development.