History and objective


  • To encourage people inside and outside Mae Fah Luang University to publish academic work in the field of law and other related disciplines in the form of articles.
  • To serve as a medium for exchanging information and developing cooperation in law and other related fields between Mae Fah Luang University and other agencies in both the public and private sectors.
  • To be used as a research document and reference.


     Mae Fah Luang University Law Journal will consider the following article types; academic article, research article, analysis of judicial decision, analysis of legal opinion, analysis of legal exam question, legal miscellaneous, and other related articles in both Thai and English. The scope of academic content of the Mae Fah Luang University Law Journal includes legal issues in all disciplines such as civil law, business law, criminal law and criminal justice system, public law, international law, taxation law, etc.

Consideration for Publication

     Mae Fah Luang University Law Journal operates with double blind peer review policy.

     All articles will be considered by two peer reviewers who have the knowledge and expertise in the subject matter to be reviewed. Qualified reviewers will be the persons who have no conflict of interest with the author. The reviewers will not know the name of the author, and the author will not know the name of the reviewers (double blinded).

     In case any article is written by a person inside Mae Fah Luang University, qualified peer reviewers will be individuals outside Mae Fah Luang University. (This rule also applies to co-authored articles, which one or more authors are working at Mae Fah Luang University)

     For an article to be published in the Mae Fah Luang University Law Journal, the article must be assessed as “worthy of publication” by two peer reviewers. In the event that both reviewers made decisions to “decline the publication”, the article will not be accepted for publication. However, if one of the peer reviewer assessed the article as worthy of publication, but the other one rejected the article, the editor and the editorial board will consider selecting a third peer reviewer to assess the quality of the article. The assessment of the third peer reviewer is considered final.

Publication Frequency

     Mae Fah Luang University Law Journal will publish two issues per year.

  • No. 1 January - June
  • No. 2 July - December